Fun With Art

Fun With Art

Artist Bio

Carlene Harris

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts. As a child my parents surrounded us with the supplies to be very creative. As an adult, I have enjoyed the crafts of others but never had the time or energy to do… one more thing… in my busy schedule.

In June of 2014 I visited my grandchildren and we went to a park. All three of us painted a picture of the trees and sights in the park. I really enjoyed the experience.

Knowing I was fast approaching retirement, I had been sole searching for some time. I needed to figure out what I could do to fill my days with something I truly enjoyed. Remembering my day in the park with the grandchildren, I picked up a pencil decided to try my hand at a pencil sketch.

The subject of my first sketch was a picture on my wall that was painted by my Aunt who is my current mentor. My father took the photo that inspired my Aunt’s painting many years ago. Dad and I painted that same picture when I was a child. I had never painted since that oil painting as a child until the trip to the park.

On August 30, 2014 I knew what I wanted to do in my retirement…paint!

Reliving the childhood memories as I sketched the picture on my wall was the beginning for me. I decided my future retirement from the busy world that consumed most of my life would now involve art, and my love of crafts…now I am exploring the creative talents from within.

My passion is landscapes. For as long as I can remember I would gaze at the landscape around me and find the amazing beauty of nature. Then I would close my eyes and picture how I would paint it if I ever found the time. I am now making time to paint! As of May 16, 2016 I have finished 55 paintings.

I am a self-taught artist.

I have sold numerous original painting and prints.

Currently I have prints for sale in the Gift Shop at the Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando FL, Klidescope in Longwood FL and And33 Thrift Shop in Orlando FL.

I have displayed and sold my paintings at shows in Thornton Park's Wine and Art Walk, Orlando FL and Wine Art Wednesday in Downtown Lake Mary.

Artist Statement

Carlene Harris

I am exploring creative talents from within!

Some portion of each painting may or may not actually exist in nature but is portrayed as seen by my mind and eyes.

The subject matter of each of my original paintings are based on my rendition, of my own vision, of an actual scene in nature, photograph, observation or directly from the artistic vision of my memories of the past!

My work includes pencil sketches, watercolor and acrylic on various types of paper, canvas boards or stretched canvas.

Having lived in Delaware for half of my life and Florida for the other half… my paintings tend to capture the cold snowy days of winter in Delaware or the tropical pleasures and sights of Florida life. Through requests for specific subject matter I have ventured into the world of flowers and animals but my love is that of landscapes.

I like to bring life in my paintings by adding a little wildlife such as birds or deer. I have also added children or dogs in some paintings.



Sunrise & Sunsets & Landscapes



Cabin In The Woods


Ocean, Ponds, Lakes & Water Views