Wall hanging

Wall hanging


by Robert Fischer

ROBERT FISCHER has been hailed as the "Windy City Warhol." By People Magazine, and his
work has been featured nationally on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS Evening News, and the
David Letterman Show, The artist has always demonstrated a knack for showmanship in all his
artistic endeavors: painted clothing au .d furniture, live petforrnances, and his evocative and col-
orfully painted canvases. His work is both beguiling and unexpected, its luxuriant colors otTer-
ing the viewer many levels of fascination: the audacious lines, bizarre lighting effects, and vari-
ety of brushwork combine in a passionate expression that favors poetry through exaggeration.

Fischer's aptitude for exploring human dynamics in his portraits is especially appealing. The raw
inner drama of his subjects comes through powerfully in his work, sometimes provoking contro-
versy but never neutrality His movie star subjects and pop icons are handled with the brilliant
colors and satirical eye only Fischer can combine, and have gained him a national reputation.
His lithograph of Tallulah Banldiead and Cecil Beaton hangs in the Smithsonian Institution,
and other examples of his work are found in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of
Chicago, the National Gallery of Art and other public collections.

Now three of the artist's most popular and best-publicized paintings have been released as
exquisite, hand-pulled limited edition serigraphs.

"FRANCES" portrays the stunning beauty of the ill-fated movie star Frances Farmer, whose
sensitive gaze commands the viewer's attention. The intimate portrayal of this 1940's actress
who captured the public's imagination emerges from a rich array of cool, sophisticated hues
and a sea of textures. Ninety-four individually applied and handpulled colors are used in this
serigraph and are further highlighted with metallic ink and iridescent diamond dust.
(40 1/4"h x 30 112"w)
Regular Limited Edition of 99, Hand-painted Remarque Edition of .99.

"NIGIIITRAIN" Fischer's glowing serigraph provides a voyeuristic look at a very dramatic
encounter between a man and a woman. Amidst a rich zebra-textured background the underly-
ing passion of this private moment is underscored by the intensity of the couple's eye and hand
contact. To farther enhance the sensitivity of this sensual interlude, heavy enameling has been
added to the surface along with a light coating of strategically placed diamond dust. The image
is created from 110 individually applied and bandpulled colors. (32 u2 "h x 41 112"w)
Regular Limited Edition of 99, Hand-painted Re marque Edition of 99.

"BL.AM!" The well-heeled but faceless protagonist Dick Tracy is poised to wreak havoc with
an erupting machine gun. The powerfully epic composition is punctuated with the inclusion of
numerous, partially-camouflaged characters depicted in their various reactions to the staccato of
streaking bullets. The fragmented images tend to ricochet kaleidoscopically, further enhancing
the unbridled excitement, This purely American image is expressed in 135 colors. The artist's
characteristic hand-enameled surface heightens the kinetic effect of this energetic serigraph.
(40"h x 60"w)
Regular Limited Edition of 99, Hand-painted Remanpie Edition of 99,

My cousin helped to finance the artist make 100 of each of the shown Serigraphs and then the deal went sour. Instead of making any of his money back he received 65 each of the shown limited edition Serigraphs to sell on his own.