My name is Maryna Tsymbal and I am a beginning artist born in Ukraine. Nowadays my family and I are residing in a prosperous town Watford, Great Britain.
How I remember, I always like drawing. Especially, you know, like to do some designs when you are talking on the telephone:) But seven years ago, on the family trip, I decided to start a sketchbook, where I with my pen tried to portray everything that got in the way, frequently it was the sunbathing people. In some way, my paintings were only a dash, but it calmed me down. Then I made up one’s mind to buy a canvas and some oil paintings and try to draw poppies on the snow. I produced an impression on my family, that motivated me.
Therefore, drawing became my hobby. I visited various painting masterclasses, took a lesson from the private artist, took part in a charity exhibition in Watford’s museum, where one of my paintings was bought and money went to the Women centre. Moreover, all the works I post on Facebook and Instagram, where people can order them.
As usual, my paintings are colourful and vivid and know I try a new style in which I combine bright colours with black and white and as for me, they are distinguished by a marvellous sense of colour and composition.

​Consequently, I would be so glad to command your attraction to my art. I believe my works can penetrate your soul.

I sign and publish all my works under the Frivolity Art nickname or simply F.A.

Thanks for your attention.

Cedar Tree


Italian Street



Lady Autumn