Virginia L. Fresina

WhileI was raising my 5 children, I made clothing for myself and the children along with many other various household items constructed from sewing. My children grew and prospered and eventually I had ennough free time to study fine art. This was a goal I had my entire life. I went to college and studied painting and received a B.A. in fine arts. From that point on, I have been making art in my studio. In the year 2006 my husband became ill and eventually died. During that time I stayed home with him and did what I could to make him comfortable and anxiety free. While I was home tending to my husband, I picked up sewing again. There was something familiar and comfortable when I had these objects, needle and thread in my hands. However, at this time I did not want to make clothing. I created these drawings with needle and thread of which became a great source of comfort and release for me during the time of my husband's illness and passing.