My name is Randy Friesen and for the art side of my life, my work is by Freeze a nickname that has stuck since childhood. My art is a reflection of where I live and spend time and is meant to provide you with a feeling of those places. If you are looking for realism - I'm not your guy!

I use either watercolor paper, canvas or YUPO as a base. I paint with watercolor, pencil, pens, and acrylics. I particularly love YUPO as the unique synthetic surface allows the paint to pool and flow in unique ways as I develop a painting or better said, it develops as I guide it.

My permanent home is Vancouver, BC and I travel routinely to Hawaii. In recent years I've spent a lot of time in Michigan, USA on business and have learned to love that State as well for all the natural beauty juxtaposed with the heavy urban setting the likes of Detroit as that city continues the journey of change.

I trust the art will make you feel something - for those who have been to Vancouver on a cruise or vacation - the feeling of the west coast, the 'glass city', Stanley Park, the sea wall, rain and sunshine and the unique blend of city and nature.

Many of the ocean paintings are from Hawaii and the goal is for you to get a feel of those areas and feel a little bit of warmth perhaps even from a cold Michigan winter or wherever you are in the world. Enjoy.

Tropical Vacay