Fred VdW ▐ Fine.Art.Sculptor ▐ Part-Time Adventurer ▐ Leadership trainer


I was born into a fairly large family near Brussels, Belgium. According to my DNA results I am mostly Northern and Eastern European with a little touch of Middle Eastern.
I have, always had, and likely always will have an interest in all kinds of places & things - cultural, mental, strange, material and immaterial. I use all kinds of things collected from all over the world to make sculptures. I like to take things apart to see what is inside - I also like to put things together again.
My passions have taken me around the planet several times over – by land, sea and air! I love getting lost in remote places and live the different cultures and atmospheres. I like change.
I studied architecture, art conservation, art crime and take people on experiential learning trips to improve their leadership skills. I’ve worked for musea and collections all over the place and excavated and conserved some of the most spectacular deep-sea shipwrecks. I like challenges and adventures. And music.


Places and things are my main source of inspiration. So is history. I have explored (and still am) many media and styles – from metal, wood, chocolate and ceramic to primitive and abstract. I like it that way. Expression of ideas and sometimes recognizable emotions.