Art by Fred Novak

Art by Fred Novak

Fred Novak is a native of Tacoma, Washington. With spontaneous creativity and a love for fashion, he has been a well known personality within his community, and been adored by many friends.
For years Fred has kept elaborate mixed-media journals filled with expressive drawings, collages, and paintings. His journals sparkle and every page is a treasure. His subject matter often takes on a whimsical Psychedelic theme. Devoted to his art, Fred enjoys jewelry making, collecting vintage clothing, and encorporating his unique eclectic style into everything he does. Find Fred Novak @freddie_whiskers or

The Moods of Mr. Freddie Collection

The Mad Hatter

The Alice Collection

The Lonely Harlequin

Master Cottontail

The Wise Caterpillar

The Cheshire Cat

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