Frankie Rockett

Frankie Rockett


My name is Frankie Rockett & I am a full time artist living & working in London England. I work with a variety of media that includes paint and ink, stained glass and video, switching between them to choose the most approprite medium as the subject suggests.

I have previously worked as Senior Designer & Lecturer at the University of the Arts, London, for over a decade. I left to persue my own interests and have developed my own style which is often inspired by film and other forms of story telling.

My last major project, entitled 'Art Box' caught the attention of Elizabeth Broun, the Director of The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, who appraised it as follows:

"(It) provoke fresh insights and a re-evaluation of established dogmas about what art is and it's role in the life of the individual and the community. The potential of Art Box to impact positively upon knowledge, creativity, and creative collaboration is unlimited."

I try to ensure that all my work carries a similar positive impact on those who see and share it.

My personal website can be found at: