the seasons in chianti

the seasons in chianti

I approached photography after having had experience in drawing and painting.
After working for some university magazines and local newspapers in the society & culture section I turned to travel reporting and spent my working hours – even though part time – on my profession.
In 1978 I founded the Studio Alfa Tau and I worked exclusively in the field of fashion photography inspired by my passion for cinema.
From 1982 thanks to my collaboration with some magazine as Amica,Harper's Bazaar,Cosmopolitan..... my style became more international and this led to my working for magazines both in Italy and abroad; as well as for important fashion houses. At the turn of the century I rediscovered the pleasure of image research and in 2002 I held a lot of exhibitions in Italy.
 At the 2003 Orvieto International Festival my first collection memoir, published by "Edizionitalia" was awarded a prize for best photographic book.
Continuing my photographic research dedicated to form and detail which has expanded from landscape detail to architecture and design leading me to show my pictures in solo exhibitions in several European countries, the United States and South America.Since ten years I have freely dedicated myself to personal research which expresses my way of perceiving the world around me and this perception is apparent in the nature and humanity reflected in my photography– forms and shapes belonging to elements commonly held to be static like building constructions; or areas of the country seemingly without soul but which live and express characteristics and sensations almost similar to those of a human body. 
Starting out with these and other reflections an idea began to grow leading me to concentrate on image forms and detail rather than photographing the whole, which easily renders a subject banal..

-Bologna (I) Palazzo D’Accursio. “Linee architettoniche”
-Polis Urban eMotion
-Castellina in Chianti (I) Rocca Medioevale. “Metropolis”
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-Osijek (HR), Likovnih Umjetnosti Gallery "Vintage" -
-Warszawa (POL), IST.ITAL. di CULTURA "Vintage" -
-Osijek (HR), Magis Gallery "Architectures" 

-San Francisco (USA) IST.ITAL. di CULTURA "Bologna's 20th Century" -San Francisco (USA) - IST.ITAL. di CULTURA "Vintage" -
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-Trento (IT) Le Gallerie di Piandicastello "Segnali di Guerra"


The Seasons in Chianti