Fluryf studio

Fluryf studio


Not the clown, you would had wanted me to Be…
Born, 03/07/1952 Delemont, Switzerland.
Francis Michel August Flury
Regular schooling, plus a 3 years car mechanic apprenticeship.
At age 17 decided that the map designed for my life didn’t suite me, so I took it to the road, you pay a very hard price to free yourself from a designed mold as a proper citizen , now you learn a lot in the street you still have to follow the rules to your proper standard that will define whom you become…
Always was attracted to creativity, my mom always says, what is he going to invent next, so the easy and cheapest thing you can use as a source of creativity is a pen and a piece of paper.
Sold my first work at age 13 A lovely parrot for 50 cents and an orange, to the kid next door. I asked for 50 cents is mother send an orange with it knowing I was in bed with the flu.
As for the shows, the galleries, the sales from that age to now, which is how I am going to be monetized and valued?
I have works in respectable collections, banks, casinos, hotels, private collection all thru out Europe, Caribbean and the US, more than I can remember. Had my own gallery in Tenerife Canaries Island.
I always find that I was privileged to be Able to create whatever I did create, Painting, stone works, travertine clocks, steel and bronze sculpture and More.
I was always let known and felt by any person whom ever ended up with one of my work that they also felt privileged.
I get to know great People to my travels from all walks of life (from the street to up to social elite) great artist, Incl. Salvador Dali and this wife Gala, Oscar de La Renta, great chefs, Julia Child, great performer, Neil young, politician of both side of the aisle, apologize to the one I missed (yes you!)
Thanks to all that had helped, all that is done by acquiring a work of art, is just investing in the next work.
There is two kind of artist the one that decided one morning to be one, then the one that woke up one morning at 70 years of age and realize that they were one…
Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
    Searching for the soul of things...
It is my firm belief 
the feel and message of the work is of equal importance
Greater than technical attribute.

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