Fluryf studio

Fluryf studio


Francis MA Flury,
Born Switzerland, 03/07/1952, Vicques a small village in the Jura region.
At age 17, after a short stage as an Car mechanic apprentice and being tired of having my but kicked all the time by some idiot,(they still around today at age 66) don't know but every time things start to go good some a.. h... come out of nowhere and screw everything up and take advantage.
Now one thing I sold my first work ( A drawing of a parrot at age 13 for 50 cents and an orange) so ok why not, let's be an artist first, it's a state of mind you do not chose,if you said you choose to be an artist you just another 9-5 worker, if you say that's my style again you just put yourself in jail...Gallery do not like to real artist, there unpredictable!
I Traveled and lived all over,
Oslo,Amsterdam,Brussel,Maroc,Ibiza,Formentera, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, oh and visited with salvador Dali and Gala port lligat a couple of time,( that's a story in itself,) then off to the Caribe,Santo Domingo before being married by a young US lady that decided to relocate me to Boston where I spent twelve years working for le Meridien Hotel as M'D, wine stewart ...
Try on marriage, get divorced, remarried and have a kid with a wonderful women so there you are you have a choice art or family can't choose both, both would hurt both, so let's go for family doing a lot of sketches and study work for now that am free ( ???) of both, both doing good,( ok notice the priorities).
So now I am working on a body of work taking all those sketches try to remember the feel of thing as close as possible ( it's funny how thing come back) and put them back together.
Let's understand one thing that during all my travel many of my works landed in respectable collections, Banks, Casino, modern art gallery in Santo domingo, one was sitting beside a chagall in Bruxelle for a while, prominent and not so prominent bandit and saints good work where given away so I controlled there destiny?
Contact me @ https://www.fluryf.com

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