Francesco Polazzi

Francesco Polazzi

Francesco Polazzi is an Italian artist based in Bologna. His energetic oil paintings combine figurative elements with an abstract style. The artist integrates human and animal forms with pattern and flattened areas of colour. We love the spirit of fun that runs through Francesco’s works: his colours are vibrant and his compositions bold.

The artist studied Philosophy before pursuing Fine Art at Birmingham City University. He was awarded the Peers Prize during his time at Birmingham.

Francesco has exhibited his work in the UK and Europe, both in group and solo shows. His paintings hang in galleries in Bologna, London, Birmingham and Paris


Some videos about me:

(Interview, Oslo 2016) (Painted Clouds Show, Solo Show at Ort Gallery, Birmingham U.K., 2015) (Gipsy Wisdom @Stryx solo show, Birmingham U.K., 2014)

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Born 1988, Bologna, Italy
lives and works in Bologna, Italy
Laboratorio 155 - Artist and Art Director

2012 - 2013 - Birmingham City University, Master of Fine Arts
2007 – 2010 - Alma Mater Studiorum, Bachelor of Philosophy

Solo Exhibitions

2018, People are Clouds, Stryx, Birmingham
2018, Francesco Polazzi @ Roche Bobois, Roche Bobois Bologna, Bologna
2017, 2100 - Animali perduti, Saletta civica Teatro Astoria, Modena, Italy
2017, The Opening, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2017, NuvolArt, Cantiere Galli Design @ Ex Mulini Biondi, Roma, Italy
2017, Visioni di Nuvola, Castello di Spezzano, Modena, Italy
2015, Nuv10 – Art meets fashion, Kitch Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2015, Home, CaseAperte, Bologna, Italy
2015, Francesco Polazzi @Champ, Champ, Bristol, U.K.
2015, Painted Clouds, Ort Gallery, Birmingham, U.K. 
2014, Intensities in Colours, Jeder Sicht, Mainz, Germany
2014, Gipsy Wisdom, Stryx, Birmingham, U.K
2014, Francesco Polazzi Solo Exhibition, Yorks Café, Birmingham,U.K
Group Exhibitions

2018, E' Blu, Laboratorio 155, Bologna
2016, We put the art in party, Chalet dei Giardini, Bologna, Italy 
2014, Hausmania Culture House, Oslo, Norway 
2014, Pop Up Night in Paris, Oberkampf Gallery, Paris, France
2014, Riscarti Fest, C.A.E., Rome, Italy
2014, Stryx studio users Show, Stryx, Birmingham, U.K.
2014, CityScapes Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time Gallery, Jupiter FL., 
2014, Feeling Blue, Arterie Fine Arts, Chicago IL., U.S.A
2013, Freeze, Espacio Gallery, London, U.K.
2013, Recicla Madrid, Centro de Artes la Neomudejar de Atocha, Madrid, Spain
2013, Who Punched The Unicorn?, Margaret St School of Art, Birmingham, U.K.
2013, See with all your Eyes, Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, U.K.
2013, Encounters (Performance), Stan's Cafe', Birmingham, U.K.
2012, Call for artists, Barr Street Gallery, Birmingham, U.K.
Curator Works

2018, Futuro Barocco - Francesco Casolari, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2018, Coal Boy - Alberto Cazzoli, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2018, Fuggitivi - Marina Grigorivna, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2018, Prospettive di una lacrima - Julia Picaflor, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2017, Con gli occhi dello scoiattolo - Giovanni Monti, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2017, Segni Impressi - James Beghelli, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2017, Volando Voy - Federica Polazzi, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy
2017, Il Diavolo beve Spritz - Vasco Rialzo, Laboratorio 155, Bologna, Italy