Hello, my name is Frazer Barnes,
I live in Skipton, North Yorkshire, England. I have 2 children and a full time job.
Up until early 2017 I hadn't done any drawing of note since I was at school around 27 years ago.
After going through a dark period of my life (for want of a better way of putting it), I was asked to draw my cousins house, that was a turning point for me, and the spark which has reignited my passion for drawing. I have drawn many things over the past couple of years, from super heroes to dragons and I have found that I really enjoy doing mandalas, but my passion for old buildings and details have taken me down a different route.
All my images are first outlined in pencil then when I am happy with the proportions I start using the fine line pens. Sometimes I use Pro Markers to add some colour but other wise I only really use Black, Sepia and Graphite.

Check out @fragga.art on Instagram for all the pictures I have drawn, also if you have any questions please Email: fragga.art@gmail.com.