Born 1952 in Fuerstenfeld (Austria)

Childhood and school time in Fuerstenfeld.
1967 Typesetter apprenticeship in Fuerstenfeld (first linocuts and drawings).
1970 journeys to Germany, Italy, France and Spain..
1971 - 1972 graphic school in Graz
1975 learn the Old Master oil painting
1977 - 1978 lived and worked on the island of Ibiza
1988 First participation in the theater in Reichenau / Rax (Festival Reichenau)
Lives and works in Fuerstenfeld (Austria)

Solo exhibitions in
Fuerstenfeld, Vienna, Oberwart, Murau, Zadar, Sarajevo, Hatzendorf

Exhibitions in
Graz, Villach, Fuerstenfeld, Berne, London, New York, Miami, Leipzig, Budapest, Roquevaire, Baden, Gloggnitz

1994 Highly endowed prize for a collage
2000 Rembrandt Plakette (Germany)
2002 First prize at an art competition in Ibiza (Spain)

Fantasic Art

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