Foto By Rudy

Foto By Rudy

Hi everyone:
I am a Landscape and Event Photographer in Menifee in Southern California. Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man from the age of film photographs and vinyl records. I started taking pictures in the sixties with 2.25 square B&W negatives. I progressed to 35mm and also loved to shoot my Kodachrome. I really did like the blues of Extachrome also. I spend most of my photograph time nowadays shooting landscapes and airplanes. I served for 12 years in the Air Force and still enjoy a good air show. Living in Southern California is a great location to be based out of. The southwest has so much to offer a photographer. I can drive from the mountains to the deserts or the ocean in a day. I spend a lot of time in Utah and the surrounding area chasing the magic light in the red rocks and canyons.

I hope you enjoy my journey as I transition into the joys of the digital realm. I have to admit it is much better to work in Lightroom than the old darkroom I had in the basement.

Painterly Photography Digital Art

Black and White

Red Rocks Collection