Forever Present by Monique

Forever Present by Monique

Photography is a way to quiet the chatter in my mind and stop time altogether. To walk within my surroundings and find beauty in simplicity and the ordinary. A way to grow not only creatively but as a whole.

I like to challenge myself to make something moving or thought-provoking. There are moments when completely awake, we feel as though we’re walking in a dream, and I want to show you those moments through my eyes and lens. My goal is to give a visual to the voices of nature we don’t always choose to listen to.

Every day you can find me searching out and exploring unfamiliar locations with a camera in hand. It’s where I find peace, strength, and bravery.

If one of my photographs has touched you or made you smile, I consider myself a successful artist. In seconds, a moment becomes history, and a camera is a magnificent tool that can keep them forever present.

Monique Rardin Richardson