Boris Matinyan

Boris Matinyan

Boris Matinyan was born in Yerevan in April of 1947.

Graduated Russian school after A. Chekhov, later, Faculty of Economics of Yerevan State University. After graduation served for the benefit of USSR. Soon after that mighty state ceased to exist. But Boris continued to love Russia and former Soviet republics same as his own Armenia. Everything has changed since then.

Parents, Ashot Matinyan and Nina Polushkina, who bonded their fates on the fields of Great Patriotic War and after wards gave life to Boris and his sister - Valentina , have passed away. Boris was left alone in the cold, dark Yerevan of early 90s ... and, like many of his countryman, first fell into despair. What saves you in such cases is the strong will, desire to live and fight for life. Boris was unexpectedly saved by painting. In his 50-something he for the first time took up a brush.