Florence Zhou 's Fine Art

Florence Zhou 's Fine Art


Being a financial professional, my work involves preciseness and accuracy, in this sense, I am always looking for something which is rather than Black Schole Module or Sharp Ratio, or VAR..... Not sure I could say that I am well-traveled and well read, but I do pretty much involved in travel, literature and theater. Yet Art takes my breath away and make me feel inspired and deeply joy, which is incomparable by others. " Painting is Fun!", It is!

I live along the beautiful beach of Sydney, Australia. I thank YouTube, It provides this fantastic platform, and enables me to learn from so many fantastic art experiences from brilliant artists who lives far far away.

Larry Hamilton is a good teacher, I have learnt a lot from him, this is not just his unique and precise understanding of art, and much more. Apart from I have been so beneficial from Larry's sharing of his outstanding art techniques, I also learnt from his kindness and generousness, sincerely like to help others. His fine art gallery on-line is the best I have ever seen. His paintings are simply beautiful and breathtaking.

My painting style has also deeply inspired and influenced by a few other outstanding artists: Kevin Hill, Alan Owen, Keith Whitelock, Steven Cronin, Wilson Bickford, Ross Barbara, Paul Clark; Japanese artist Mutchie, Shibasaki and so many more. I am very thankful for their help and generous sharing of their skills and techniques. Here I also would like to address my deeply appreciation to NSW Royal Art Institute ; Sydney Parramatta Art Society for my great learning and exhibition experience there which is an important step for my journey.

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