Ewa Hewelt

Ewa Hewelt


Most of my works are inspired by emotions. It is a mix between realism and expressionism. The lines painted with huge attention and care are interlacing with lines made totally intentional. This meeting of real ‘outside’ life and emotional ’inside life’ of a human being is a major subject of my art.
However it happen to commit an art outside my general box. From animal, landscapes to surrealism or abstractionism. The variety of changing life force me to constant research of expressing my inside voice.

I was born in the land called Kaszëbë in the north of Poland. The darkness of long winter’s nights and severe climate made me focus on the obscure side of a life, Since I was 8 I was taking a part of various art workshops for next 8 years. In my twenties I have moved to France, and since then I am enjoying and admiring rich life of a city of Paris.
J’ai deux amours - tourisme et peinture.
Paraphrasing the famous song of Josephine Baker. I am a person who has two passions. For years tourism was my priority, and I have developed my career of tour leader. However I have never forgotten about arts and continued to create.
I have decided that it is time to show up as artist.

Society - Medium

Adam & Eva - Medium size

Surreal - Small size

Abstraction - small size

Expression - small size

Inspired by nature - small size