Art by Peter J. Dellolio

Art by Peter J. Dellolio

65 years old.
Italian descent.
Published writer: poetry, fiction, short plays, film criticism and reviews, art criticism and reviews, freelance articles.

I am fascinated by the combination of fame, youth, and tragedy.

My paintings, sculptures, dioramas, mobiles, assemblage, and conceptual art pieces deal with the tragic early deaths of famous people.

I have more than 30 works in series which deal with the JFK assassination.

I also have paintings of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Winehouse, Ana Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and others.

I am trying to capture in art that very strange and morbid feeling that comes from the death of the famous when they leave the world in which they are worshipped far too soon, either by disease, accident, substance abuse, assassination, or suicide.