My first memories of learning started when I was Three and a half Years old, I started learning to sew.
Most of my skills are self taught, I made my first doll dress when I was three and a half years
old. My Mother cut the pattern for me, showed me how to thread a needle and how to make a
back stitch, after that I was on my way. I made my first dress and wore it to school in the
second grade. My Mother didn't want me to use the sewing machine, she was afraid I would sew
my finger. I took the opportunity to make it while she was in the hospital having my brother.
I was allowed to use the sewing machine after that.

In 1960 with 4 children under four and a half Years old, I started sewing, designing, pattern drafting, clothing construction and altering in my home studio. Later I owned an alteration shop in a clothing store for a few years as well. I taught sewing and pattern making to teens and a few college students.

I started making ceramics, porcelain jewelry and dolls in the 1980's. I dearly wanted to paint
doll eyes so I took a lesson from a ceramic teacher. The secret is to use a tiny brush, size 6000 I think, hold it straight up all the time you are working on the eyes. Paint only five to seven lashes. All the doll artist I have known paint their doll's eyes with their own eyebrow shape, and I did too. I went to a department store to see how the Royal Doulton figurine's eyes were painted.
At that time all the eyes were painted using a medium Grey color China paint.

I am retired from the fashion business and have come full-circle in my design innovations by learning digital art. I never dreamed I would be digitally designing jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, Shawls, scarves, robes, skirts and fabric designs in colors of all manner. I've not categorized my art as yet but will be working on different galleries like A Fashion Gallery, A jewelry Design Gallery, and several other categories like home decorating with Wall Art, Furniture and Drapery Designs.

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