Mostly Film

Mostly Film

Hello! My name is Christina Kokesh. I am a 25-year old film photographer currently residing in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. I have been shooting 35mm film for the past 7 years, and this is the year I am taking the leap to turn it into my career!

As well as selling my art, I am also offering "love sessions". Wether it's family, friendship, romance, pet, yourself, activity or place, all are welcome and all are worth celebrating! More details can be found on my site:

However there is more to it than that. I have grown up in a world that has been increasingly oppressive, judgmental, ignorant, and greedy. We all deserve better, and I'm here to do my part to create a better future for myself and everyone else. 25% of my profits from these prints will be donated to causes I believe in.

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