Pavel Filin

Pavel Filin

The goal of my work – to stop and look at the image

"Image – is poetry that is seen." Leonardo da Vinci

When a person is born, so can't know who they will become, but may in the future express their thoughts in various ways. For me it was a clear choice to express your thoughts by painting images.
 From childhood I liked to draw. I grew up in a small town on the Volga and in their drawings I showed particular countryside. At the same time but always fascinated me the image of the human figure, his movements and feelings.
In the first years of his creative life I'm visiting art galleries and exhibitions, recognized the work N. I. Feshina. I was amazed at his ability to capture human emotions in a rich variety of colors and to harmonise them in his pictures.
 I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't find a way to achieve this. I feverishly worked on his paintings and he tried to get closer to your expectations. The error was in the incorrect use of the basic color tones. The error, which makes many artists and which I did and i. In your search for color harmony, I started working with a spatula. Many now claim that the spatula undermines the image presentation framework that is able to convey a true reflection of reality. But I know that the True Image, does not hide the fact, but in the copy in the detection of its essence. The main features of the object's link with the reality of the illusion. Spatula technique is quite different from the techniques of brush and at first may look a little unusual. With a spatula, painting canvas, you can cover the rapid series of blows. Forcing the artist to work safely, reliably, and creates an amazingly beautiful effects.
Spatula allows sound to each color at full strength like no other tool. In its beautiful and complex structure of best shows the blending of colors on the surface of the image, which allows you to capture and display suggestions and offers opportunities for creative work and improvisation.

At work on a portrait and figurative painting I began to study the anatomy of the human being. The image does not need any "literary" interpretation or comment because it is, in itself, carries all the information. It's art and it operates only visually.
People often ask me where to get the feedback. No nečerpám, just I feel thousands of stimuli from the life and dreams around us. The painter must paint, and not hide behind words. If people don't understand his work, so no words to help.