FibreHeart Wool Studio

FibreHeart Wool Studio

Needle Felt Sculpture Artist. I make lifelike sculptures of your pet or favorite animals from your photographs. I also make original art.

I use a technique called Needle felt. This is done by using unspun wool, either natural or dyed, and rolling into balls or different shapes. I then use a special needle and poke the ball thousands of times until the ball is hard and able to be sculpt.

I use premium glass beads for most 5" sculptures. I also can use more realistic eyes.

The noses are a polymer clay that I hand sculpt right into the sculpture. I try to make your art piece as realistic as possible. I will try to copy every wrinkle, spot or stripe. The larger the sculpture, the more detail I can add.

I have spent several years making these pieces and have perfected my art at every sculpture. But I am still constantly learning my art.

Each piece can take days to make as I devote myself to realism.

I list here examples of customs that I make, but I have some freeform originals that are available.

Custom Art Pieces