Felix Murillo

Felix Murillo


Felix Murillo was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Although he considers himself to be a self taught artist, he is grateful to the artist Francisco Alvarado who was his mentor during more than three years at the school for Art and Decoration, ESEMPI, in San Jose Costa Rica.

Before then he had already experimented with techniques such as acrylic, pastel painting, collages, ink, watercolor, charcoal, etc. At the school he expanded his artistic knowledge from history of Art, painting, installations of "Recycling Art" to psychology, photography and decoration, specializing in oil painting.

In his long artistic trajectory, Murillo has worked within different fields including jewellery and artistic make up.

From a very early age, Murillo felt a deep attraction towards art. He was always drawn by colors, forms and textures, although he did not know then that he would end up dedicating his life to it. Nowadays, he is a valued artist and his work is purchased by different private collectors all over the world.

Today, we can find an art world full of color, emotions, textures and dreams. In his work we find beauty in its perfect form visible through the feminine forms in which he depicts women, in the multicultural faces, in exotic creatures that capture and take us where our mind is willing to travel; when we shift our gaze in another direction, Murillo submerges us into a sub aquatic dream: harmonious colors and textures are rooted in his original fishes, unique species.

Our critical eyes are already satisfied by observing this much talent, when at the end of the show he makes us fly, almost exploding our imagination with his fun montages, crazy collages full of passion that will make us reflect without a doubt about those little things that make life great.