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Federica Gallery


Federica Masini is an Italian artist and living in Berlin since 2004.
She studied art in Italy and fell in love with the Pop Art.
She grew up with Marvel Comics got obsessed with the colours of them.
She is also very inspired by Berlin´s street art.

As a musician she played in a female rock band.
So she had the idea to merge paint and music.
Her passion for music is inspiring the most of her works.
She portrays her icons and her music idols.

She works mostly with acryl colours, watercolours or aqua-ink.
The colours in her works are full of power, the visual impact is very strong.
Thanks to her passion for comics her portraits never feel static.
They live.

Commissioned portraits possible

A portrait is an adventure of love and legacy; a journey where the essence of a person is translated through the lens of an artist to create a unique and incomparable work of art for generations to enjoy.
I am also available for commissioned portraits.
I just need your photo.
At the end of the work I will send you an image by email.
After your approval and payment, the portrait will be sent to you including the frame.
You can orient yourself on price and technique thanks to my works exhibited in the galleries below.
Let yourself be inspired!
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information
Love, Federica

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