fayez sedarous


Fayez Sedarous was born in Giza, Egypt where his artistic prowess first blossomed. From childhood he was inspired by the wonder and primordial beauty of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and civilization. Upon his cultural upbringing and eclectic travels he became fascinated with diverse forms of beauty and sought to incorporate the different art styles of ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Islamic, and Western culture. From his earliest years his work was displayed in local exhibitions; however, due to the lack of opportunity for artists in the Middle East at the time, he instead pursued a career in Electronic Engineering working in semiconductor development for most of his career. In the little free time he had, he painted sparsely, mostly drawing sketches using pencils and pens and took a cartoon class in a community college. Eventually, however, Fayez realized that his passion for art superseded anything else he did. In addition, he realized that working in electronics enhanced his creative abilities and technical skills which translated into his art. Thusly, he immersed himself into art and is working to make it a fulltime career. His primary inspiration is Leonardo Di Vinci, a great artist who encompassed many talents including math, engineering, and creative inventions – passions that Fayez likewise fostered. Lately, he has widened his artistic scope by using a variety of tools and techniques including acrylics, oils, colored pencils, and charcoals. He currently lists his paintings in online art galleries.
. He focuses on conveying human expression and embracing the beauty of nature through diverse and thoughtful applications of color, perspective, and texture.

Nature's beauty & People