Hi! I started this store so more people could see my projects! (And I'm broke as heck and need to pay for my college classes!!)

QUICK NOTES: I am unable to upload art from 06:25-16:57 Eastern Standard Time. Any other time (except for early early morning or really late at night) I will be able to upload new designs. Please be patient; each design takes a different amount of time. The range is usually 25 minutes to 4 hours. Thanks!

Upcoming Designs: Another upcoming collection is the Zodiac Collection! I will draw the signs, birth dates, and maybe the animal/creature that resembles it. The Zodiac Collection will also be draw in the corresponding colour of the signs. I will be featuring the new '13th Zodiac' known as Ophiuchus. I might be starting a YouTube collection... maybe..

If you have a specific request, email me here: csmoje7@gmail.com
After we discuss your design, complexity, colour palette, and any other details, we will discuss the price. If you commission anything from me, send your payment through PayPal (same as email address thanks)