Hi! I started this store so more people could see my projects! (And I'm broke as heck and need to pay for my college classes!!)

QUICK NOTES: I am unable to upload art from 06:25-16:57 Eastern Standard Time. Any other time (except for early early morning or really late at night) I will be able to upload new designs. Please be patient; each design takes a different amount of time. The range is usually 25 minutes to 4 hours. Thanks!

Upcoming Designs: October is starting soon! You know what that means.... Goretober! I'll be getting the Goretober countdown/calendar, and will upload them here! Another upcoming collection is the Zodiac Collection! I will draw the signs, birth dates, and maybe the animal/creature that resembles it. The Zodiac Collection will also be draw in the corresponding colour of the signs. I will be featuring the new '13th Zodiac' known as Ophiuchus.

If you have a specific request, email me here: csmoje7@gmail.com
After we discuss your design, complexity, colour palette, and any other details, we will discuss the price. If you commission anything from me, send your payment through PayPal