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Robin Chappell has been a working artist for over thirty years. His work ranges from naturalistic landscapes to portraits to female nudes, all done using his primary medium, China Markers (otherwise known as Grease Pencils -- the ones with the string for unwrapping the pigment.) His first studio mate once said his work was mainly impressionistic, "...but with just enough detail to fool the eye" into thinking there was detail everywhere.

His various series include the following: The Night Series (images of night with available light of landscapes/vehicles/buildings -- lit with metaphoric hidden light sources); The Cloud Series (clouds as landscape, usually without ground reference and also either dusk or dawn); the Bus Portrait Series (portraits of women seen on the LA Metro and committed to memory or sketched in situ; The Female Nude Series (the female form); The Experimental Images Series, with drawings loosely derived from scientific theories/concepts (i.e. quantum mechanics). He has over a thousand works in varying sizes, both drawn and mixed media.

His Photographic Work follows along the lines of both the Night, and Cloud series along with an Experimental series, with a selection of work of over ten thousand images.

Night Scenes

Cloud Series



Portrait Series

Female Nudes