RLine Fang

RLine Fang


Inspired by the French impressionist master Georges
Seurat, well-known as the pioneer for having created the
painting technique "Pointillism", also called "Neo-impressionism"
, Fang created the “Random Lines Painting” based on the deep traditional Chinese painting. This kind of painting focuses mainly on the "Line"
which is the soul element of Chinese painting, and it’s performed by freely painting with crisscrossed multicolored lines. In this way, it looks abstract closely,
and representational in distance. His weapons are rice paper, ink and acrylic colors,
and his philosophy is “from disorder to order”. Up till now, Fang’s "Random Lines Painting" has established a worldwide reputation for his paintings have been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Even more, many individuals and organizations, including several U.S. Presidents and
famous collectors, have collected his artworks.

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