Peter Melonas

Peter Melonas

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors – you know it’s good if you can’t stop staring!

Art effects us. Each brush stroke on a blank canvas helps show the world as seen through an artist's eyes.
Paintings are a mysterious journey that we never know quite where it will take us.

My best pieces are artworks that I have enhanced at least twice.
I may finish a drawing within a few hours or I may spend a few days on a single piece. of course, if you love to draw and paint,
you brush up on your art and try to make it a little better.

Peter Melonas was first influenced by his father who fueled his fascination with all aspects of the Arts. When he reached his adolescent years, one of his early admirers was Thomas P. Gill, an American comic book artist, best known for his nearly 11-year run drawings of The Lone Ranger. Peter still prefers the much loved labor of the pen stroke. He found his own niche in the use of dark and light for creating the illusion of depth on the flat surface of the paper and the following satisfaction upon completion.
I like to break down my artwork into two subsets: Look at my talent and Tell Me what’s on your walls. what is your passion? I want to grab my viewers right away both emotionally and visually. I want my art to produce a positive and unforgettable "first impression" and propel viewers to share it on other online venues. In other words, I try to prompt viewers to want to find out more about me and my work. I want to give viewers the opportunity to step into my world for a few minutes.

The Cape Crusader's Cowl