Black Rose Art

Black Rose Art

I am a single, mature woman, and currently I'm living by a lake in the mountains of Southern Colorado. I have been passionate about art since I was six, starting out by drawing horses. From there, I evolved into oil painting and began painting tall ships. Over the years, I have used oils, acrylics, and love colored pencil to create my works of art. Most of the art displayed here is done in prisma colored pencils on heavy weight paper, but some is also acrylics on canvas.

I like to draw fairies, faces of any sort, and still love horses. I have sold my work on Ebay, and have also displayed my paintings in a small gallery in Durango, CO., as well as in a restaurant.

My goal is to perfect my art as much as possible, so people with a love of fairies, fantasy, horses or dragons will find something that appeals to that whimsical part of them that loves fantasy!

women through the ages

Colored Pencil art

Odd Pictures About Life