Fabrice Rehel

Fabrice Rehel


The collective working under the surname Fabrice Rehel hides a moving collection of exceptional artists, also known for their desire to remain anonymous.

Most of them born in the seventies, some of the future collective came to a state of consciousness when the Beach Boys' song "Kokomo" engulfed the waves like a marshmallow, causing remarkable neuropsychiatric accidents in their cranial boxes.

During their youth, they always heared that it was the crisis and that it was necessary to work, to work. It was therefore a Prattian and imperious "desire to be useless" who guided them.

Having naively neither planned to enter the workforce, nor have a career anyway, these carefree souls saw no other alternative than to work in the most essential activities: painting, drawing, writing.

"My god, there are so many ! "

Tired of being cataloged in a mode of expression, a label, a recognizable paw or a style, on April 1, 2005 they chose to drown in the sweet womb of a collective with an innocuous surname, Fabrice Réhel.

Multiple publications, exhibitions, meetings, sales and mistakes encourage them to always paint, draw and write anything.

Faces and lines