Francesca View

Francesca View

Born in Paris, I wanted to paint even before I could write and was forever fascinated by colours, lights and their interplay. I loved the smell of oil paint and its messiness.

I attended the 'Cours Martenot' in Paris and tried to carry on from there. As I developed an academic career, travelled a lot and then went on to have a family, my painting slowed down - although I sold some paintings in Paris, Luxembourg, Acapulco (Mexico) and Kaduna (Nigeria).

Sandro Boticelli, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Maurice de Vlaminck, Yves Tanguy, Georgio de Chirico, are among my favourite artists.

Since 2013, because of a deep personal loss, I have found my way back to painting.

I work in situ, from photographs and memory. Where suitable, I include authentic fragments in my work, such as a rock from Death Valley, or wood from a cedar, my favourite tree.

Oil paintings change; they live and they breathe. They are capable of transmitting strength, peace, holding a moment in time and space – and that is a beauty I want to share.

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