"I strive to make art that touches people's hearts, either abstract or figurative and has spiritual meaning for me. Through my art, I hope to connect with others with beauty of harmony, color, form and energy. I have been a working artist for 60 years and painting is still my passion. I work in many mediums, but probably I am best known for encaustic. I switch back and forth between abstract and figurative as the muse directs

You can follow my process and musings on my blog. eschwanwinding.blogspot.com and get information on my encaustic workshops and see more work at http://ezshwan.com

I have been an artist for over 60 years and use many mediums. In the last 20 years, encaustic, oil and mixed media have been my main mediums.

Encaustic is an ancient technique of painting with hot beeswax, melted with resin and color pigment.

When I use encaustic, I paint many layers of the molten paint on a wood support, fusing each layer to the underlying one with a propane torch. This produces a painting that can never fade since the colors are permanently locked in the resin. I often scrape away areas to reveal the under painting.

The fluidity of the encaustic medium is challenging, exhilarating, inspiring and exciting, making a painting that can be looked into as well as looked at. I strive for layered luminosity that is appealingly tactile, encouraging viewers to stoke and caress the surface, discovering the sensual experience of encaustic.



Encaustic Abstracts

The Lightness of Being

Nudes and Food