Ezra Bejar Art Gallery

Ezra Bejar Art Gallery


Born in Mexico City, Ezra Bejar is a scientist and artist residing in San Diego, California.

Ezra’s artistic inspiration/journey was catapulted after a temporary loss of vision, following 30 years of scientific research. He is a prolific artist, creating over 300 paintings. His art has a distinctive style, depicting a complex and changing reality intersected by art, science, and humanity.

The themes include migration, as well as the ecological and social changes in our planet’s natural environment. His art is emotional, provocative, and innovative; touching on mystery and intimacy. Images displaying layers of harmonious colors, light and shadows with dissonant elements peeking audience interest to explore more. In his process, Ezra distills from traditional painting and modern methods, utilizing algorithms, multimedia and digital printing.

Ezra’s artwork is appreciated, exhibited (solo and collectively), and collected in the US, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. During the 2020 pandemic, Ezra’s paintings and prints have been curator-selected in many online collections, participated in biennials and other exhibitions.

In 2019, Ezra was named binational artist and received a travel award from Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IME) to participate in a collective exhibit of multidisciplinary Mexican artists living abroad. Also, he is board member of the International Association of Art (IAA/USA) and scientific advisory board member of the American Botanical Council.

His education started at his own father’s gallery in Mexico City. Ezra received a BS and MS in biology and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of the Pacific. After a successful career across academia, industry and non-profit, he spent 2 years at SDSU College of Art and Design, participating in advanced painting and multimedia studies.

Solo "Bright and Dark" Encuentro Binacional de Artists, 2020, SRE, IME & AMECID, Mexico City, December 10-11-2020.

Collective "Cocolixtle," Tzompantli video & mural. Mexican Consulates and Embassies around the world. November, 2020.

Collective "Amanecer en el Puerto" & "Crossing" "Third International Print Biennial" Skopje, North Macedonia. November 3-30, 2020.

Featured on "Jaamzin Magazine" - JaamZin Creative Studios, Singapore. 09/28/20. https://www.jaamzin.com/post/painter-ezra-bejar

Featured in the collection of "Mexican Contemporary Art," curated by Singulart, Paris.

"The Journey from the South" selected in the "New This Week 08/10/20 Ninety Nine Artworks" curated by Rebecca Wilson Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art.

"Coronado" in the "New This Week 07/13/20 Ninety Nine Artworks" curated by Saatchi Art.

"From My Window!" Collective On line- IAA members only online exhibition at the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts and IAA/USA, 2020.

Featured Artist, "Ciclo Cultural de Arte en la Cancilleria," Direccion de Patrimonio Cultural, SRE, Secretaría de Cultura, Gobierno de México, Mexico City, 2020.

"Expresionismo en Azul" (Expressionism in Blue) at Centro Cultural Tijuana (CECUT). Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, Secretaría de Cultura, Gobierno de México, Tijuana, BC, 2020.

"Cat in the Mulberry Tree" in the New This Week 04/20/20 Ninety Two Artworks curated by Rebecca Wilson Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory at Saatchi Art, 2020.

"World Art Day," IAA-USA first official members virtual exhibit, Los Angeles, CA, 2020

Gloria Delson Contemporary Art Gallery, collective virtual exhibit, Los Angeles, CA, 2020

"Discoveries: Ten paintings out of a test tube," Casa de Oro - San Diego County Public Library, solo exhibit, San Diego, CA, 2020

"Transforming the Landscape." Casa de Oro San Diego Public Library, community room, solo exhibit, San Diego, CA, 2019-20.

"Botánica Retórica, three paintings to explain the philosopher's stone." Ministry of Culture, and, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexican Government, collective exhition, Mexico City, 2019




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