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Eye See You Art Gallery


"Rauni Person" aka "Ni-Ni" aka "Aryel Peagh" (RLP)

Two Styles All Rolled Into One

Initially I painted under both "Rauni Person" and "Ni-Ni" which allowed for two different styles of painting. The Rauni Person paintings were more laid-back in nature, more traditional type paintings; whereas the Ni-Ni paintings were bolder and more exploratory. I have now combined the two styles of painting into one style which I paint under Rauni. Experimental paintings are done under Aryel Peagh, a pseudonym using my initials R LP.

Let's Introduce Our Artist...

Rauni, a Chicago native, was first interested in artwork as a child doodling caricatures of friends, family
members, teachers...on every piece of paper she could get her hands on. Her interest in art, and the development of her God-given talents began in her high school art classes. Painting and drawing became a pleasant hobby through out the next few years.

After representing Beech Street Art Company as an independent art consultant for over two years, Rauni's natural talent and knack for art was once again awakened. She was inspired by the art work she sold, to began painting again herself. Upon submitting a drawing to the Art Instruction Schools of America, she was approved and invited to study and professionally develop her art skills. She trained with the school for about 2 years, before resigning from Beech Street and starting her own art company, "Artistically Yours", where she marketed her own art work.

Rauni's work as both Rauni Person and Ni-Ni was an explosion of high energy and emotion wrapped up, tied up, and tangled up into...art.

After relocating to Atlanta, GA as a single mom, a more practical career in corporate America was pursued. Art was pushed back as just a hobby for the next 17 years. After obtaining a Master's degree in Education, Rauni traded in her board meeting for the chalkboard. Here she was able to reintroduce art into her life via the classroom. This was short-lived, because in December 2011, her world got turned upside down.

Due to diabetic complications she was left legally blind. She was totally blind in her right eye and her left eye had no peripheral vision or depth perception,. This left her unable to paint. It would be over 10 years before she picked up a paintbrush again.

In September 2019 she picked up a brush and began painting a little girl playing peek-a-boo. As her students used to love to play many years ago in her classroom. Through the use of 5 daylight lamps, and 600% magnification glasses she was able to see as she painted. Taking pictures with her cellphone afterwards, she was able ti finally see her work as a whole.
For the first time in many years she felt like she had found her purpose.

She began painting non-stop for several weeks, cranking out painting after painting. There were so many artistic ideas floating in her mind that she wanted to share them with the world. For now, painting as just Rauni, her paintings draw you into her world. Combining the styles of both her "Ni-Ni" and "Rauni Person" techniques a new reflective style had emerged. She now paints in a way that allows you to get a glimpse of how she sees everything through her eyes!

"Hey world, I am painting the world the way "Eye See You. "



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