Expect the Unmexpected

Expect the Unmexpected


Mexican artist whose passion is painting. However, the real journey started in 2007 while being an exchanged student in Germany, and she had the chance to meet two amazing artists from which she learned to develop her own painting style. After returning to Mexico, she starter to paint like an insane person just for the pleasure of painting and at the end of 2009, in one unexpected day, she had the opportunity to exhibit her work for the first time. And from that time on, she has experimented in both, painting and photography, disciplines that are now her preferred tools to express herself. She shares her artwork in collective and solo exhibitions, social media and in her art blog:


The artist has actively participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, among them, the exhibitions “The Prayer”, “Hope” and “Paradise” in Duderstadt, Germany; the itinerant exhibition “A poem to Gaia” in Mexico; and the solo exhibition “Look, this is not a selfie!” in the Art Gallery “El Jaguar Despertado” in Villahermosa, Tabasco.