DGE design

DGE design


I am a person with HFA/ Asperger's. I have a gift for art since I was a kid. I always excelled in art in school like A average. I did a mural in grade 11 it is in the island savings center. I also sold my art at farmers market in Duncan for 4.4 years.

I also have a 3 year membership with CVAC portals to showcase my stuff there. I love to create and design artwork.

I have published 3 books
My life with asperger syndrome
The new intelligence- iq is a myth
Overcoming social anxiety
4th book coming out next year TBD

I also will start freelance writing in fall

I also have 2 part time jobs

My future looks like getting both a bachelor in psychology and diploma in disability and leadership studies.

I desire to be a counselor and /orajob helping people.

Gallery 1- past created artwork