Elizabeth’s Gallery of Artwork

Elizabeth’s Gallery of Artwork


Creating masterpieces with fluid/pour art provides me with a sense of calm. On the surface of a canvas I find joy in creating unique visions inspired by the world around us. Allowing the acrylic paint or resin to flow across the canvas and settle where it chooses is freeing and always a pleasant surprise. My intention with each piece of art is to give the viewer a way to escape into a realm of wonder just as I experience during its creation. Contact me if you are interested in a specific Masterpiece or would like something created by commission.

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I also enjoy taking photographs of sights, architecture, people, animals, nature, and landscapes during my travels. The places I visit inspire my artwork and select photographs are put up for sale on Fine Art America. Images are available through Fine Art America for a limited time.
Visit http://17-elizabeth-white.fineartamerica.com/ to view or purchase prints.

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