Ewa Mościszko

Ewa Mościszko


My name is Ewa Mościszko and I come from Poland.
I am an artist and a grafic designer.
email (ewamosciszko21@gmail.com).

You can contact me directly regarding the original painting and also if You have bought my print, that is important feedback to me.

Painting has been my passion since childhood. My artworks show how I perceive the world or sometimes how I would like it to be.
Warm feelings, love, devotion and affection are mainly subject of my artworks .

I graduated from Postgraduate Study in Art in Wrocław as well.( my second proffession is german and english philology).
My artworks You can buy in Kraków and Warszawa galleries as well.


Animals Ewa

Women portrait Ewa

Architecture Ewa

Paradise Ewa

Krystyna Mościszko