Ewa Duraszynska

Ewa Duraszynska


Nature, Cosmos, Light - these three themes form the basis for my creative expression and artistic search.

Nature is manifested in every Sentient Being, but also, for example, in the austerity and power of Rock or Element.
Cosmos in its still inconceivable space and, at the same time, its omnipresence.
Light that penetrates everything that exists in a visible or invisible way.

My creative search consists, among others, in exploring the possibility of extracting Light from the interior of the created object, both on the visible, metaphorical and even symbolic plane.
The Symbol becomes for me a way to search for Sense and build Order.

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (Poland) - Graphic Design and Jewelry Design.
Studies at University of Lodz (Poland) - Cultural Studies.
Doctorate in Literature Studies at University of Lodz (Poland).

The disciplines of art that I practice: sculpture, painting, drawing.
Experience in managing an art gallery.
Participation in artistic and design national and international competitions.


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