Ewa Duraszynska

Ewa Duraszynska


My artistic interests date back to my school days.
I usually look for artistic inspirations among topics whose sources can be found in distant cultures and traditions. Therefore, in addition to studies related to art, I graduated in cultural studies.

Light, Nature, Myth - these three themes define the main area of ​​my artistic search.
These are three secrets themes (arcana), which I explore carefully.

Light in its visible and invisible dimension.
Nature in its various animate and inanimate manifestations.
And the Myth that brings with it multiplicity and multilayered images and meanings.

I mainly express my creative interests in painting, drawing, sculpture and applied art.

Cultural Studies at University of Lodz (Poland).
Doctorate in Literature Studies at University of Lodz (Poland).
Post-graduate Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts - Jewelry Design (Poland).

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