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Evol Love Fisher


Hello Everyone, Thanks for stopping by!
I have been traveling the United States with My Husband and 2 son's (Nova - My dog and Traveler, My cat) in Our converted shuttle bus since 2017. My husband's art is a skilled tradesman which is how we're able to survive out here on the roads. I'm just a starving Artist as they say, whoever "They" are. I draw, paint, take photos. I hand paint Shoes (mostly custom order) I recycle dolls for the everyday is Halloween lover's in this world and make cute, crazy, "scary" dolls. You can look on FB for Evol Love Dollz to see a lot of the things I have done. I never duplicate a doll or pair of shoes as they are All free handed so, no two can be the same. My work in that area are always one of a kind and never again duplicated. You would be the only one in the world to have a certain doll or shoe from Me.
I started Traveling to Stand, be a voice for the Wrongfully convicted's in America. I still am a voice for the Voiceless, their stories are horrific, I'll never give up on them.
I would love to share My Traveling experiences with you through My photos, maybe one day My work can help my hubby with these Traveling costs. 😊
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check Me out.
Evol Love Fisher

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