Evolution Engraving Studios


The work you see here is comprised of years spent drawing, painting, photography & music. All leading me to this form of art.. I've always loved trying new methods & techniques, and of course good ol fashoned experimentation for my art.. I've had several influences in my life that have shown in a lot of my work, I preffer it to be all its own without the seasoning of others. However, there are two artists that really made a big impact in the direction I choseto go in.As a youth it was as artist known as "pushead". His style in how he illistrated eyes amazed me, and for a long time it would show in my work. As a big fan of H.R. Giger the uniquely dark flavors in his work held great appeal to me. I also liked how he worked in in many forms of art.. Most of my work doesn't show any sort of influences by him, he inspired me none the less.I liked to blend beauty with the dark as often as I can, I also enjoy working on pieces that hold special meaning to who ordered it.. Especially when it involves cultures I know little about.. It ensures I continue trying new techniques to further my evolution as an artist.. ENJOY!
M.W. Fraser