Evelyn Curry Art

Evelyn Curry Art


Most days, the beauty in this world is overwhelming. I can’t help but respond with gratitude to the Lord through recording all things that take my breath away. I love to explore and immerse myself in different spaces: different cultures, architecture, landscape. It’s a wonderful adventure, which I'd love to share with you.

I suppose my delight in traveling has stemmed from my childhood. Born into a military family, I’ve been moving every few years. The longest I lived in one country was 13 years. Every few years is a new adventure, a new language, new friends to make, and many visual delights to absorb. It’s normal and expected and exciting.

I was taking a lot of photos everywhere I went. But what to do with them all? I couldn’t let them just fill up space on my hard drive! I love looking at my photos and remembering how it felt to be in that moment, but who has time to scroll through hundreds of images (let’s face it, many of them technically lacking!) I chose the best, most iconic and visually stimulating and arranged them into a collage.

Digitally manipulated and arranged photographs to create one new image. A complete sense of being in a place. One visual scene to capture the totality of my travel experience. They reflect my memories: often distorted and dreamlike in their composition. Arranged jigsaw pieces expressive how it felt to be in that place, with a sense of time having had passed.

Evelyn has spent her life moving around and living in different countries. She was born in the USA, but grew up in Italy, Germany, and England. As an adult, she has lived in Chicago, South Korea, England and Tokyo; spending extended visits in South Africa. Currently, Evelyn is living in Florida with her husband and two sons. She saves all her spare pennies for future travel trips. Her other interests include reading pre 20th century literature while enjoying a hot cup of English tea, and hiking.

​Since graduating with a BA Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, Evelyn has completed online classes and courses in traditional painting, figurative drawing, portraiture and photography; as well as, marketing and business courses.

Evelyn Espinoza has exhibited in galleries and shows in California, London, Miami, Tokyo, Chicago, Cambridge, Lisbon, and Gwangju. Evelyn has received national and international awards for her Photo Montage work, Paintings, and Photography. Her Photography has been featured in several online and published magazines.

Evelyn takes commissions for Photo Montage Art, Portraits, Paintings and Drawings through her website and through Arts and Crafts fairs. Evelyn sells her work with Imagekind, Saatchiart, Artpal. Her Travel Photography work is sold with Dreamstime.

Digital Photo Montage

Watercolor Paintings