Evan Schwartz Art

Evan Schwartz Art


I am an exhibiting artist from Brooklyn, New York who makes dynamic art divided in to four distinct bodies of work.
My website is: www.evanschwartzart.com
My Instagram is @blackarts78

My collection 'Alice In Dreamland', gather together visual dream-like fairy tales that revolve around a central female named Alice. The surrealness inherent in dreams is a major influence in these works. In Alice’s world people, animals, and plants grow and shrink at will and of course, danger is always afoot.The artworks together suggest mosaic snapshots of a journey with a definite beginning, middle, and resounding end.

Who We Are explore the social pressures, struggles, concerns, conflicts, and interests of inner-city teenagers. The works seek to make visible to viewers what lies beneath the often tough exteriors of my subjects. My decade-long career as a teacher and the concern I have for my students inspired these artworks.These portraits are a marriage between myself as an artist and myself as a teacher.

Conversation Pieces offer the viewer a striking image coupled with a partial narrative-just enough for the viewer to invest in and construct stories of their own. Art is enjoyed on many levels, but I personally like it when an artwork can spark a conversation-these artworks seek to do just that.

My Tattoo Inspired pet Portraits seek to bring out the inner rock star of our furry companions. In order to set them apart from other pet portraits I utilized the bold lines, bright colors, and intricate detail, as well as iconic images such as banners, crowns, knives, and flowers commonly found in tattoo art and applied it to the portraits. These are the end results.

Much of my original work is still for sale (but perhaps not for long), but prints are always available as well. I hope to have your business, but even more than that, I hope you enjoy my art. Thank you for taking a look.

Conversation Pieces

Tattoo Inspired Pet Portraits

Who We Are

Alice In Dreamland