A fashion and travel journalist, photographer, founder of Fashion Studio Magazine and Travelling In Style, Eva’s favourite way to tell stories is on canvas with paint. Her work explores universal themes such as beauty, femininity, joy, happiness, dreams, desires, and the power of emotions.

Self-taught in her practice, painting began as an experiment that quickly evolved into a full-scale passion project and a new direction in her career. Her fashion portraits feature imaginary people and showcase a perfect reality where anything is possible. Her paintings are positive, bold, and full of vivid colours. Each one evokes happiness, energy, and fearlessness, reminding us that we should all use the power of imagination in our daily life. Eva’s inspiration comes from fashion and beauty industry, various cultures around the world, and extensive independent travelling around Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

In 2019, she showcased her work locally at The Freedom Factory, The Annex Art Party, and 1017 Gallery in Toronto and internationally at Cafe Gato Negro in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Next art exhibition, at LA FE Hotel and Arts in Guadalajara, is scheduled for January - May 2020.