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Life's Short. Do what you love... at least as often as possible:)

Hi, I am a French painter and product designer, graduated in Arts and Pedagogy.
I found my passion for oil painting in Paris and was able to exhibit my work in Parisian Galleries, such as Gallery du Pont Neuf, Cimaises, Espace Perret, Maison de la Presse and many others Art's exhibitions. As a product designer I work mainly on glass. I also enjoy photography and digital art.
My work is heavily inspired by nature, travels, especially in California, my creative family and friends, who have influenced my perspective as an artist.
My son studies transportation design in Los Angeles and I collaborate with an American company so travel often between Paris and Los Angeles that I am inspired by its magnificent nature.
You're welcome to my art world and keep checking my page for more items!
Thank you for passing by!

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